KANSAS CITY — Innovation is hitting the cereal aisle. Utilizing trendy ingredients, top brands are putting their own spin on the breakfast staple.

Inspired by the super grain trend, Peace Cereal is launching a new Supergrains line, including Quinoa Chia Crunch and Maple Buckwheat Hemp cereals. The varieties are organic, non-bioengineered, and offer 7 grams of protein per serving.

“At Peace Cereal, we strive to provide on-trend options while still maintaining nutritionally dense and flavorful options,” said Rob Goluba, director of marketing at Attune Foods, L.L.C. “Now that we are starting to see super grains as household staples in kitchens and diets across the country, we thought adding Quinoa Chia Crunch and Maple Buckwheat Hemp to cereal aisles nationwide would be a natural fit.”

The ancient grains trend also is popping up everywhere, and Back to Nature has harnessed it for its new line of cereals. Made with whole ancient and sprouted grains, the cereals are available in five varieties: Oat Medley, Berry Sprouted Blend, Sprout and Shine, Honey Grains, and Risin’ Raisin Blend.

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