TOKYO — Ajinomoto Co., Inc., a global manufacturer of seasonings, processed foods and beverages, will enter the bread market in Indonesia through the creation of PT Ajinomoto Bakery Indonesia. The new company will develop, manufacture and market frozen bread in Indonesia, with domestic sales scheduled to start in August 2016. The company hopes to achieve net sales of about $14.5 million in fiscal 2020.

“The new company A.B.I. will develop and manufacture high value-added frozen bread that is not yet widespread in the growing Indonesian bread market and has not been produced in the country to date,” Ajinomoto said. “Products manufactured by A.B.I. will be sold mainly in the Jakarta metropolitan area by PT Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia, which has powerful sales capabilities. The main purchasers are expected to be from the middle class, which is growing as a proportion of the population.”

This is not Ajinomoto’s first foray into Indonesia. The company established PT Ajinomoto Indonesia in 1969 to launch umami seasoning Aji-no-moto. Since then, the company has acquired customers and expanded its business with the roll-out of Masako flavor seasoning, Sajiku menu-specific seasoning for various Indonesian dishes, Saori liquid seasoning and Mayumi mayonnaise.

Ajinomoto Co. was founded in 1909 and operates in 26 countries and regions. The company had net sales of about $9.17 billion in fiscal 2014.