Mrs. Freshley's new Red Velvet Cupcakes come in 4-oz single-serving packs of two.

THOMASVILLE, GA. — Flowers Foods, Inc. is seeing red again — this time in its Mrs. Freshley’s line. After earlier this year launching red velvet mini donuts under its Tastykake brand, the Thomasville-based baker now is bringing red velvet cupcakes to the Mrs. Freshley’s brand.

“Mrs. Freshley’s Red Velvet Cupcakes evoke the mouth-watering decadence that red velvet cake is known for,” the company said. “With their rich color, soft texture, and hint of rich cocoa and delicious creme filling, these scrumptious Red Velvet Cupcakes make for the perfect snack or dessert.”

The cupcakes have been available since June 1. They come in 4-oz single-serving packs of two, packaged in 36-count cases, and in 12-oz, 6-count boxes, packaged in 16-count cases. The suggested retail price ranges from 99c to $1.39 for a single-serve cupcake and $1.39 to $2.99 for multipack boxes.