Formerly known as Foran Spice Co., Asenzya also offers seasoning blends, flavors and product innovation.

MILWAUKEE — Foran Spice Co. has changed its name to Asenzya, Inc. as a way to communicate all its capabilities. Besides spices, the company also offers customized seasoning blends, flavor systems, finished product innovation and functional ingredient systems.

“With our new name and identity, we are better positioned and defined within the marketplace, which will help communicate our expanded capabilities to our customers and prospects,” said Patty Goto, president and chief executive officer of Asenzya, Inc. “We will continue to sell spices, but our central focus will be on translating our customers’ needs and visions into workable solutions, including optimized seasoning blends, functional ingredients and cutting edge `concept-ing’ for their products.”

Asenzya, a family-owned company based in Oak Creek, Wis., has had a presence in the Milwaukee area for more than 60 years. Last year the company hired a corporate chef, Dax Schaefer, who focuses on understanding culinary flavor trends and how they can be leveraged to expand business for Asenzya’s customers. Asenzya also employs a team of food scientists and technologists.