When branded companies look to outsource their manufacturing to another company, it’s important that those co-manufacturers are capable not only in production capacity but also in operator skill. Branded companies seek co-manufacturers with employees who understand the baking process as well as quality assurance and food safety requirements. Diving into today’s current labor pool, bakers often struggle to find workers skilled in bakery sciences, so training employees to meet the standards of customers is an asset co-manufacturers must be able to provide.

To help co-manufacturers achieve this level of skill, the Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association (B&CMA) offers several educational programs. The Entry Level Training program gives students the basics of cookie and cracker science. The Intermediate Training provides operators with advanced training in areas such as wire-cut and rotary moulding.

The mainstay of the B&CMA training, however, is the Cookie & Cracker Manufacturing Correspondence Course.

“Co-manufacturer companies that provide this level of training for their employees show they are serious about providing the best products to their customers,” said Dave Van Laar, president, B&CMA.

Employees mastering these courses and programs are better equipped to understand and manage the needs of their customers.