RIDGWAY, COLO. — Tim O’Connor, president and chief executive officer of Tim O’Connor Associates, has been elected president of The Wheat Foods Council. He succeeds Judi Adams, who retired at the end of June.

Tim O’Connor, new president of The Wheat Foods Council.

“We are extremely pleased to bring a top caliber industry leader with expertise in agriculture as well as marketing to the Wheat Foods Council,” said Erica Olson, chair of the W.F.C. “Tim has an outstanding record of achievement and will build on the Council’s reputation as a science-based resource on wheat and wheat food nutrition.”

Prior to launching his own consulting firm, Mr. O’Connor was c.e.o. of Avocados from Mexico, a start-up marketing agency created to build demand for Mexico’s avocado production. From 1999 to 2013, he was president and c.e.o. of the United States Potato Board. He also is a past executive vice-president and c.e.o. of the Illinois Beef Association.

“I am very excited about being part of the Wheat Foods Council and look forward to building on the organization’s strong foundation,” Mr. O’Connor said.

Judi Adams, former president of The Wheat Foods Council.

Ms. Adams was president of the W.F.C. from 1991 to 2004, at which point she moved to the Grain Foods Foundation to become president of that organization. She continued in that role until Sept. 1, 2010, when the boards of the W.F.C. and the G.F.F. established a partnership under which Ms. Adams served as president of both organizations. In 2012, the G.F.F. restructured and Ms. Adams returned to her role as president of just the W.F.C., a position she held until earlier this year.

Ms. Olson thanked Ms. Adams for her many years of service to the organization as well as to the wheat industry as a whole.

“Judi’s longtime association with agriculture, as well as her credentials as a registered dietitian, played a key role in making the Wheat Foods Council what it is today,” Ms. Olson said. “We will miss her dedication, energy and commitment and wish her the very best in retirement.”

The W.F.C., a nonprofit organization, was formed in 1972 to help increase public awareness of grains, complex carbohydrates and fiber as essential components of a healthful diet. The council is supported voluntarily by wheat producers, millers, and related industries.