Fiber has ingredient partners at I.F.T.

CHICAGO — Fiber ingredients may play a role in targeting certain consumers and creating gluten-free products while also serving as a partner for probiotics. Such examples of fiber’s versatility were evident during the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition July 11-14 in Chicago.

Sensus America, Inc. incorporated two chicory root fiber ingredients, Frutalose SF75 and Frutafit HD, into a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie to allow the item to qualify for a good source of fiber at 3 grams per serving. The company also promoted its strategic partnership with Ganeden that created Frutalose PRO, a liquid prebiotic, chicory root fiber syrup blended with the probiotic Ganeden BC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 686).

Fiber ingredients can be incorporated into cereals.

Tate & Lyle also showed how fiber may be involved in gluten-free products. A gluten-free German chocolate bundtini cake at the company’s booth had Promitor soluble fiber as well as other Tate & Lyle ingredients Krystar crystalline fructose and Claria functional clean label starches. Ardent Mills incorporated its Sustagrain high fiber barley into its plans to reach “Enlightened Eaters,” or high-income, highly educated consumers who value local, ethical and pure foods. Other Ardent Mills’ ingredients influential in reaching these consumers are sprouted grains, organic wheat flour, ancient grains, and custom grain and seed blends.

Didion Milling promoted its soluble and insoluble corn fiber. DSM Nutritional Products included OatWell soluble oat fiber in its Great Start breakfast biscuit and in a vanilla-cinnamon breakfast shake. MGP Ingredients added Fibersym RW resistant wheat starch to give a chocolate chip cookie an excellent source of fiber at 5 grams per serving. The cookie also used MGPI’s Arise 5000 wheat protein isolate as an egg replacer. Fibersol featured its soluble corn fiber ingredients in a morning fiber shot, maple chipotle cheddar flavored oat clusters and chocolate. Fibersol is a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Matsutani.