Mag-nifique Sweet Advantage may be used in such applications as desserts, baked foods, cereal, beverages and yogurt.

ST. FRANCIS, WIS. — Wixon, Inc. has introduced Mag-nifique Sweet Advantage, a proprietary blend of natural flavors used along with sugar to lower caloric intake while reducing sugar use by up to 50%. It may be used in applications that use sugar, including desserts, cereal, beverages, sauces, dressings, dips, granola bars, yogurt and baked foods.

The usage level as a sugar replacement is 16:1, meaning for every 16 oz of sugar removed, 1 oz of Sweet Advantage needs to be added.

Leda Strand, v.p. of research and development for Wixon
“As consumers continue to avoid unnecessary ingredients and artificial sweeteners, the inclusion of Mag-nifique Sweet Advantage offers a natural solution to lessening sugar consumption — without sacrificing taste,” said Leda Strand, vice-president of research and development for St. Francis-based Wixon. “Food and beverage manufacturers can trust that using Sweet Advantage will help meet their customers’ demand for full flavor, ‘better-for-you’ products.”