Hybrid frame mixing

Shaffer, a Bundy Baking Solution, offers an extensive and innovative line of mixers and processing equipment, including the Hybrid Frame Mixer design. This new mixer was engineered using a combination of a traditional enclosed frame system and the leading-edge open-frame design. The hybrid frame, like the open frame, uses a direct drive, which is not only more energy efficient than a single or double-end drive but also requires less routine maintenance, saving bakeries both time and money. The combination of the open frame around the bowl and water-tight enclosures for hydraulic and electrical components reduce sanitation costs. As the innovator of the direct-drive and open-frame mixer designs, Shaffer has more field installations than all other mixer manufacturers combined.

Versatile planetary mixing

Topos Mondial offers the Model T-750, a 370-qt removable-bowl planetary mixer, which works for all types of dough, batter, icing, glaze and filling. The mixer’s  integrated bowl scraper and positive-locking removable implements allow for maximum mixing versatility. A high-efficiency frequency-inverter heavy duty, auxiliary-fan-cooled main motor permits fully variable speed mixing. The operator can run preprogrammed recipes or control the mixer manually using its standard advanced PLC with touch-screen panel.

Dough laminating lines

The Sigma laminating line from Rademaker produces Danish, croissants, puff pastry and all other laminated doughs. A Rademaker laminator can be fully integrated into a variety of product makeup lines. Available in working widths up to 64 in., these lines are designed and built to be flexible, efficient and easy to maintain and operate. The Rademaker Fat Pump is low pressure and consistent with all types of fats. The line is fully wash-down with options such as overhead dough cooling, low-stress dough feeding and automatic gap adjustments. 

Flexible waffle production

Tromp Group Americas’ Vanderpol Waffle Systems make a wide range of soft- or hard-dough waffles, sandwich waffles and many other styles, depending on the plates selected. Waffles are produced easily and efficiently. Sweet or savory fillings can be incorporated. Vanderpol Waffle Systems provide integrated iron cleaning and flexible production rates.

Energy-saving technology

Reducing energy consumption up to 20%, AMF Bakery Systems’ patented Nano-Emisive technology increases oven capacity and improves uniformity in baked bread and buns. An oven equipped with Emisshield emits radiant heat, which is  re-radiated to the baking bread for more efficient heating. The decreased baking time increases overall production while cutting air emissions.

Low-pressure divider

The Multicut from Fritsch USA can expand a baker’s product range through it’s ability to produce unique premium baked foods. In a single line, the Multicut combines the bunch-and-turn process that preserves the integrity of dough with intelligent punch-and-cut technology that creates a variety of cut forms.. It includes modular components that are tuned to mesh with one another.

Spray applicator

The Model 824 Spray Applicator from Burford applies a variety of liquid sprays, including synthetic egg, glazes, high-sheen blends and more. The stainless-steel recirculating tank ensures the correct viscosity from the first spray to the last, and the tank agitator produces a consistent mix. The optional Winway conveyor helps minimize spray transfer. The conveyor is fully wash-down with a side drain for proper sanitation.

Batch management

Shick USA’s AIM Batch Management Software provides a reliable and flexible solution for ingredient and formula management, production scheduling, data collection, lot tracking, reporting and user security. AIM significantly reduces operator error and improves the overall quality control process.

Ultrasonic cutting

The Thomas L. Green Ultrasonic Guillotine Cutter from Reading Bakery Systems uses an ultrasonic guillotine blade to precisely cut soft, sticky, fragile, baked, fried or filled products. The blade’s ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations cut items cleanly without deformation, smearing or blade build-up. The blade assembly consists of an ultrasonic converter, booster and cutting horn. The customized cutting mode options — cycle, continuous and profile —accommodate specific product conditions and production speeds.

Proof box air circulation systems

Proof boxes and fermentation rooms from The Fred D. Pfening Co. include microprocessor- and PLC-based temperature and humidity controls. The Equi-Temp air circulation system reduces atmospheric variations throughout the proof box, minimizing hot and cold spots by mixing conditioned air with recirculated air, , which helps bakeries create uniform size, texture and appearance of yeast-raised dough products. Proof boxes can be provided with steam-injection or air-wash humidification systems for any size or configuration.

Multi-lane co-extrusion

Multi-lane continuous co-extrusion solutions from Handtmann offer flexibility and precision for products demanding precise dividing, exact filling and gentle handling of delicate doughs. Co-extruding attachments include the Co-Ex Multi-lane Forming Device.

Depositing for mini products

Small-sized items such as mini muffins, cupcakes and single-bite snack cakes are efficiently manufactured with the Hinds-Bock Mini Products Depositing Line. Features include custom automation modules to meet unique product requirements. Modules include automatic tray de-nesting, automatic batter depositing using positive shut-off spouts and topping depositors for a second batter flavor.

Single-belt conveying

Intermediate Drive (i-Drive) technology from Capway Systems engages the belt in the carryway and returnway. With i-Drive technology, bakers can combine multiple turns, inclines and straight runs on one continuous conveyor belt capable of running  for long distances without transfers. The i-Drive blocks are designed for use with Intralox modular plastic conveyor belts, which eliminates the maintenance, contamination and lubrication problems experienced with metal belts.

Continuous mixing, kneading

Designed to make 1,100 to 17,600 lb (500 to 8,000 kg) of dough per hour, Zeppelin’s Codos continuous mixing and kneading system ensures consistent, quality dough. It features complete dosing systems for dry and liquid ingredients and customized controls for quick recipe changeovers. The system maintains constant dough temperatures using double-jacketed trough construction.

Temperature data logger

The new Scorpion 2 Lite from Reading Thermal is a temperature-only data logger sold as part of the new Scorpion 2 Lite temperature profiling package. It is compatible with many temperature measurement devices, including temperature interfaces, magnetic temperature sensor arrays, product probe interfaces, product probes and bare wire thermocouples. It functions exactly like the company’s Scorpion 2 Data Logger when connected to these devices. All connections, charging, user interface and software are identical to the S2 Data Logger.

Increased production capacity

The Megaline II is Mecatherm’s response to market demand for ever-increasing production capacity. The line produces up to 10,000 baguettes or round products per hour on channel-style trays of 2,000 by 800 mm (79 by 31 in.). It handles up to 360 trays per hour with production capacity of up to 6,600 lb of prepared dough per hour. Megaline II is suited to raw, pre-proofed, fully baked or par-baked products and is completely automated.