Wheat Nuts snacks are once again available at www.nadanut.com.

ATCHISON, KAS. — Nearly two years after they were pulled from shelves by former owner Anacon Foods, Wheat Nuts snacks are once again available. Inclusion Technologies L.L.C., which acquired the assets of Anacon in August 2014, has launched an eCommerce site where consumers may purchase Wheat Nuts and a select range of Nadanut products (formerly called Bowlby’s Bits). In total, the company is test marketing the sale of four different snack packs of products at www.nadanut.com.

Wheat Nuts, originally developed by Pillsbury in the 1970s, were on the retail market for more than 30 years until they were pulled from the shelves by Anacon Foods in November 2013. The product was featured in television spots on both “The Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune,” and it has gained a large and loyal following of consumers who had to avoid nuts for various reasons, but still wanted a nut-like snack.

“Since acquiring the assets from Anacon Foods, we have gotten hundreds of inquiries from loyal consumers looking to buy Wheat Nuts again, so we are very pleased to finally offer them a way to do so through online purchases,” said Dennis Reid, vice-president of sales and marketing for Inclusion Technologies. “We are also still actively looking for a retail distribution partner who sees the value in this very unique snack platform and nostalgic brand because it would be nice for the consumers to eventually have the Wheat Nuts back on the grocery store shelves, too.”

If the test market is successful, Mr. Reid said the company plans to expand the platform and offer additional products in the future, including non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. lines and new seasoned varieties.

Based in Atchison, Inclusion Technologies is an ingredient and management company focused on investments and acquisitions in the food inclusion space. Through a planned “buy-and-build” strategy, along with planned strategic alliances, the company’s goal is to develop a broad-based portfolio of specialty inclusions focused on innovative ingredient solutions and supported by strong customer service.