AAK has launched an industry resource in understanding non-hydrogenated oils in the web site NonHydro.com.

Edison, N.J. – On June 16 the Food and Drug Administration released its final determination that partially hydrogenated oils (phos), are not “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). In the wake of this announcement, AAK, a producer of high value-adding specialty vegetable fats, launches an industry resource in understanding non-hydrogenated oils in the web site NonHydro.com.

The web site is dedicated to non-hydro solutions for baking, confectionery and dairy manufacturers, and is a timely resource as they navigate the recent F.D.A. determination regarding phos.

Terry Thomas, president, AAK USA Inc.

“Our customers rely on our high quality non-hydro solutions and we want to continue to add resources and tools to help guide them, as they make significant decisions regarding their product lines,” said Terry Thomas, president, AAK USA Inc. “Since we have spent more than a decade providing non-hydro solutions to our customers, we offer our baking, confectionery and dairy customer partners unique value-adding vegetable oil solutions without trans fats, along with the knowledge and expertise necessary to customize them properly. With the F.D.A.’s recent determination regarding phos, our NonHydro.com site is a great place for them to begin their process of transitioning out of phos. Manufacturers will benefit from our experience and capabilities, especially in regards to more complex challenges and applications. In addition, we have always found that engaging in one-on-one collaboration with our customers results in the best solutions; we look forward to further augmenting these collaborations in our new innovation center, scheduled to open in early 2016.”

NonHydro.com highlights AAK’s selection of non-hydro, no trans, pho-free brands that target specific applications and challenges. Non-Hydro.com showcases a multitude of useful and timely solutions that allow manufacturers to continue to create foods with consumer-friendly labels for bakery, confectionery and dairy.

AAK’s solutions for bakery feature a variety of non-hydro solutions, including shortenings, frying oils, margarines, cubed shortenings, flaked shortenings and hardstocks to meet complex challenges and applications. Manufacturers who use AAK products still may create a product that looks and tastes as good as it did before their removal while still keeping the taste and texture their customers love, with the performance and shelf life a successful product requires. The site features solutions for everything from pastries and cookie dough to all-purpose frying and baking as well as roll-in shortening for laminated dough.

AAK’s confectionery solutions continue to provide the confectionery industry with non-hydro solutions with a variety of cocoa butter substitutes and cocoa butter equivalents for compound coatings. The site showcases confectionery solutions such as fats for fillings, inclusions, caramels and ice cream coatings to meet the most challenging non-hydro applications. Manufacturers still may offer products that have proper crystallization, with an appealing look and shine, no dullness or bloom and are perfect for moulding, enrobing, inclusions and drops.

The site also includes non-hydro, no trans, vegetable based fat solutions for the dairy industry. These solutions may be used to replace milk fat and create everything from smooth non-dairy creamers, whipped toppings, non-dairy frozen desserts and more. These non-hydro solutions enable proper air incorporation for extended overrun properties and provide the unique mouthfeel of dairy cream.

In addition to mapping out AAK’s solutions, NonHydro.com provides information regarding AAK’s commitment to sustainability and traceability of palm oil. The F.D.A. determination is sure to heighten consumers’ label awareness, and likely will spark renewed commitments to health, wellness and environmental concerns. AAK’s products are derived from renewable crops, with ingredients grown and sourced responsibly as part of a continued commitment to sustainability.