Bühler Aeroglide appointed Jason Pintuff as process development manager....

CARY, N.C. — Bühler Aeroglide, Minneapolis, appointed Jason Pintuff as process development manager. In this role, Mr. Pintuff will coordinate the company’s international lab resources and technical processing support to help customers create and manage successful food processing operations.

Collaborations with food manufacturers in recent years have helped Bühler recognize critical food processing needs, which has led to advances in food safety research and the development of game-changing hygienic processing equipment. Now, customers increasingly are looking to Bühler for start-up expertise that brings new products to life.

“Bühler is known for analytical lab testing capabilities, process knowledge and the global resources and support necessary to design winning product innovations,” said Tom Barber, vice-president of process engineering. “If a customer wants to roast a sunflower seed to a particular color or add a flavor seasoning, we define processing parameters through a developmental lab phase. Data then gets applied to the design of equipment and the manufacturing of machinery scaled up for a full production line. As process development manager within the Process Engineering Department, Jason will now manage and coordinate field engineering, international lab services, data tracking tools and the technical training necessary for our customers to own and operate successful food, feed and industrial processing operations.”

Bühler Aeroglide’s process development group not only helps customers develop new products and design the most efficient thermal processes for them, this group focuses on maximizing existing thermal processes through system evaluations and staff training. Mr. Pintuff will introduce customers to this new alignment of the company’s state-of-the-art resources that include Bühler Aeroglide’s Technical Laboratory in Cary, Bühler’s Food Innovation Center in Minneapolis, a food safe lab in China, the Analytics Laboratory at Bühler headquarters in Uzwil, Switzerland, as well as drying technology labs in South Africa, India and Brazil.

Mr. Pintuff joined Aeroglide in 2005 as a field engineer and later transitioned to Process Engineering where he served the feed market as an applications specialist. In 2011, Mr. Pintuff began supporting sales for the food and feed industries, and most recently, he was regional sales manager. Prior to joining Bühler Aeroglide, he was a project manager for Microthermics, building lab drying equipment for Fortune 100 food companies. He also worked in the power generation division of Siemens.

“I’m excited about working with our worldwide team of engineers and scientists to leverage Bühler’s unique expertise, now aligned to enhance operations for our customers,” Mr. Pintuff said. “We do more than help food manufacturers with thermal processing equipment. We provide food science specific processing expertise, and this is expected to be a significant value to all food applications.”