AOR bottles and distributes edible oils in Europe; its brands include Oilio and Coroli.

LONDON — The European Commission on Sept. 8 approved Chicago-based Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s acquisition of AOR N.V., a privately held oil bottling company based in Antwerp, Belgium. AOR bottles and distributes edible oils in Europe, with customers across the continent and a substantial export business. Its brands include Oilio and Coroli.

ADM is a global agricultural company active in the production and sale of both bulk and packed refined seed oil. ADM distributes its packed oils to retail customers through its joint venture Edible Oils Ltd., which has an exclusive distribution agreement with Princes Ltd.

The Commission concluded the proposed acquisition “would raise no competition concerns, because of the moderate increment in market shares brought about by the transaction, the presence of a number of strong market players and the overall level of overcapacity in the market.”

The acquisition first was announced in late March.