Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase its new snack cake system during the iba trade show.

VIBY, DENMARK – Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a snack cake system that may be used to create products containing up to 10% whey protein and 200 mg of calcium in a 21-gram serving while having 100 calories. For a cost-savings aspect, the recipe is free of eggs.

Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase the system during the iba trade show Sept. 12-17 in Munich, Germany.

John Kjaer, global sales manager for bakery at Arla Foods Ingredients.

“Most snacks are designed to satisfy a hunger craving rather than provide essential nutrients, which means people who snack in place of a traditional meal could be leaving a gap in their diet,” said John Kjaer, global sales manager for bakery at Arla Foods Ingredients. “Our snack cake solution represents an example of a product that can help address this. It meets all the usual criteria for a great snack. It’s convenient and indulgent, but, in addition, it delivers important nutrients, ensuring it is on-trend and attractive to modern consumers.”

The snack cake system in particular may appeal to the demographic groups of children and millennials, according to Arla Foods Ingredients.

“Millennials and parents of young children are two groups for whom ‘snackification’ is becoming more and more relevant, but they also tend to be very health conscious and prefer to choose snacks they consider to be ‘guilt-free,’” Mr. Kjaer said. “By offering these demanding consumers cake snacking products that deliver all the qualities they are seeking – taste, convenience and nutrition – bakery companies can turn the ‘snackification’ trend into a major commercial success.”