Hostess Valentine's Day donettes and cupcakes
Hostess is celebrating Valentine’s Day with the launch of five limited-time-only snack cakes.

KANSAS CITY — Hostess Brands L.L.C. is sweetening up Valentine’s Day with the launch of five limited-time-only snack cakes: Chocolate Covered Strawberry CupCakes — a pale pink, chocolate frosted strawberry cake with crème filling; Red Velvet Donettes; I Heart U Cakes — heart shaped chocolate cakes covered in a layer of chocolate with a vanilla crème filling; Pink SnoBalls — pink shaved coconut topping and marshmallow over a crème filled chocolate cake; and Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry CupCakes, available in Target stores only.

Each limited-time offering is available at grocery stores nationwide now through the end of February.

“We are focused on serving up a variety of innovative treats that ignite consumers’ passion for our range of flavors,” said Ellen Copaken, vice-president of marketing at Hostess Brands, L.L.C. “From dark chocolate and coconut, to marshmallow and chocolate covered strawberry flavors, this year’s expanded Valentine’s Day offerings are truly decadent and indulgent for anyone in a romantic or celebratory mood.”