OMAHA — Lewis Batchelder has been named chief executive officer of The Gavilon Group, L.L.C., effective March 1. He replaces Jim Anderson, who had been named c.e.o. in October 2014.

Mr. Batchelder has more than 40 years of experience in the grain industry. He has served as senior vice-president, agricultural services at Archer Daniels Midland Co., and as chairman of Alfred C. Toepfer International, a global merchandiser of agricultural commodities and processed products.

Besides Mr. Anderson, two other Gavilon executives have stepped down:  John Neppl, chief operating officer, and Greg Konsor, vice-president of North American grain, said Patrick Burke, marketing and communications supervisor. Chris Faust will be promoted to general manager of North American grain.

Marubeni Corp., based in Japan, completed its acquisition of Gavilon in 2013.

“(Mr. Batchelder’s) experience in the grain industry, along with his long-standing relationship with Marubeni Corp., of which Gavilon is a wholly-owned subsidiary, will be instrumental in building on Gavilon’s success while also shaping the future path for growth of the company within Marubeni’s group-wide business strategy,” The Gavilon Group said.

Mr. Batchelder said, “I am excited to begin my role as c.e.o. of Gavilon. I welcome the opportunity to join a company with Gavilon’s strong financial position, the support of its parent company Marubeni Corp. and its dedicated suppliers and customers.”