Thomas' Bagels redesigned its package to connect the established brand with the bagel product.

Convey the right message

The package sells the product; that is true of bagels just as it is with any product. Packaging delivers the brand’s message and key nutritional information.

In the bagel category, Ms. Krenner said it’s more of a balance between showing off the product but also calling out the nutritional value of what’s inside. Marketing teams are moving away from graphics just for the sake of graphics and showcasing the bagels through clear packaging instead. However, with the movement toward delivering more nutritional value, marketing teams are also using the package to convey messages of health and clean-label ingredients.

Last year, Thomas’ Bagels redesigned its package for the first time in about a decade. This redesign was to create a stronger tie between bagels and the Thomas brand, often known more for its English muffins.

“One of the issues, for better or worse, with this business and brand is that consumers have a very strong connection to the brand as it relates to the Thomas’ English Muffins,” said Mr Swain. “What we really wanted to do was call out the word bagels and make a stronger connection between Thomas’ and bagels so it’s not just English muffins in consumers’ minds.”