WASHINGTON — The Grain Foods Foundation (G.F.F.) is on a mission to educate Americans on the importance of grains in a balanced diet. To achieve its goal, the foundation created infographics that highlight the benefits of grain-based foods in a “memorable manner,” said Christine Cochran, executive director of the Grain Foods Foundation.

“We developed these colorful, fun and informative infographics to share important nutritional information in a visual and interactive way,” Ms. Cochran said.

The statistics featured in the infographics were sourced from the G.F.F.’s data analysis of the National Health Examination Survey (N.H.A.N.E.S.) and “represent some of the most compelling and relatable findings,” Ms. Cochran said.

The G.F.F. is promoting these materials by featuring the infographics on its web site, www.GrainFoodsFoundation.org, posting on social media, and sharing with media outlets, investors and partner organizations like the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and among MyPlate National Strategic Partners.

Click to enlarge infographic: Get to know the good in grains

Ms. Cochran said she hopes these methods will help spread the news beyond just industry leaders and professionals.

“The infographics were intended for health care professionals, nutritionists and other partner organizations to share with their patients, clients and audiences,” she said. “We also wanted to create tools that millers, bakers and others in our industry could use.”

By introducing these infographics, the G.F.F. hopes Americans will realize the importance of grain-based foods and incorporate that knowledge into their lifestyles.

“Americans are missing out on getting enough fiber as well as other nutrients, and these infographics help remind them of the health benefits of grain-based foods,” Ms. Cochran said. “The images are helpful for consumers who want to learn more about the health benefits of grains, and they provide vital information about the specific nutrients they contribute to the daily diet.”

Click to see a slideshow of the G.F.F.’s infographics.