Albertsons Signature brand, private label
Albertsons' Signature line will feature a variety of sub-brands.

BOISE, IDAHO — Signature is a new portfolio of store brand products from Albertsons that will extend across multiple categories, including fresh produce, prepared foods, coffee, juice and more. The line includes 4,000 items and will be carried by all the retail banners within the Albertsons business.

The new line will feature a variety of sub-brands, including Signature Select, Signature Kitchens, Signature Farms, Signature Café, Signature Home and Signature Care. The company also will feature a “100% money-back guarantee” on the products if consumers are not satisfied.

Shane Sampson, Albertsons
Shane Simpson, chief marketing and merchandising officer of Albertsons.

“At Albertsons Companies, we won’t put our Signature label on just anything; a product has to meet rigorous quality standards and be an exceptional value to carry the Signature brand,” said Shane Simpson, chief marketing and merchandising officer. “We’re watching customer buying trends and striving to meet them where we can help most: where their grocery budget meets their desire for fantastic foods and quality household products.”