Earlier similar case was later dropped.

KANSAS CITY — China’s Ministry of Commerce notified the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on Dec. 15 that it formally had accepted petitions from Chinese producers of distillers’ dried grans with or without solubles (D.D.G.s) for an antidumping and countervailing duty investigation against D.D.G.s originating from the United States, the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service said.

The Ministry must make a decision on whether to initiate an investigation within 60 days of accepting the petition, but it often takes substantially less than the maximum time, GAIN said. The case applies to products under tariff code 23033000.

Chinese importers have purchased large quantities of U.S.-origin D.D.G.s in recent years due to high prices for domestic Chinese corn, GAIN said.

U.S. exports of D.D.G.s to China slowed but did not stop after China filed an antidumping case against the United States in late 2010, GAIN said. China dropped that case in 2012.