IFF web site
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc has launched a new branding initiative that includes a new web site.

NEW YORK — International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has launched a new branding initiative based on the company’s 126-year legacy and ongoing commitment to discovery and pioneering firsts. As part of the corporate rebrand, the company unveiled a new web site, purpose statement, visual identity and refreshed tone of voice, all of which will help to spotlight its vision, imagination and focus.

“IFF is a company that was built on a culture of exploration, and we have a long history of delivering groundbreaking firsts in the industry,” said Andreas Fibig, chairman and chief executive officer. “Now more than ever, we want our outward face to reflect the values that we hold deep in our core. Our new brand provides a platform for telling the story of our innovative work and our smart, curious and passionate team members. We believe our new brand will resonate with our own people, our customers, our partners and our shareholders, and I see it as a driving force for our business success as we move forward in the future.”

Reflecting the company’s Vision 2020 Business Strategy, the rebrand specifically supports the company’s “commercial excellence” pillar.

“Becoming our customers’ partner of choice is to achieve commercial success for IFF and its customers over a sustained period of time,” Mr. Fibig said. “Branding is our first step toward achieving this goal.”

The new brand will flex to include the company’s recent acquisitions to highlight that they are part of the IFF family.

To learn more about the brand, a video is available on the IFF’s new web site. www.iff.com/media/multimedia-gallery?multimedia=videos.