Create Your Cupcake features more than 1,000 flavor combinations.

ATLANTA — A new build-your-own cupcake concept is set to launch April 13 in metro Atlanta. The startup, Create Your Cupcake, features a patent-pending baking method and more than 1,000 flavor combinations that will allow customers to personalize their own cupcake creations for special occasions, holidays and corporate meetings and events.

Barbara Hart, co-founder of Create Your Cupcake

“Create Your Cupcake combines two things that all dessert enthusiasts love: customization and the best quality ingredients,” said Barbara Hart, who along with her husband Stephen co-founded the business. Ms. Hart also is chief executive officer. “We’ve combined my baking expertise with my husband Stephen’s manufacturing background and designed a space that resembles a creative studio and features a one-of-a-kind baking technology and concept that completely transforms the traditional cupcake bakery model. With our premium packaging and fast turn-around time, we are excited to bring our cupcakes to individuals and businesses in Atlanta and markets across the country.”

Ms. Hart comes from a baking background. Her grandfather, Abe Sherwin, founded the Sherwin Baking Co. in Ohio in 1919. Ms. Hart’s father, Sol, along with his three brothers ran the bakery and catering business of Sherwin Baking Co. in the Cleveland area for many years.

Create Your Cupcake features a patent-pending baking method that produces cupcakes with hollowed-out centers.

For her part, Ms. Hart gained experience working at her husband’s manufacturing business and applied the concept of subassemblies to baked goods. That led her to develop a patent-pending baking method that produces cupcakes with hollowed-out centers. Customers are able to then choose in real time to fill their personalized cupcakes with special, custard-based fillings known as Cremache. Create Your Cupcake also allows customers to select the type of cake, frosting and toppings to suit their individual tastes.

Ms. Hart, who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004, has designed the bakery to include separate gluten and gluten-free bakery facilities.

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