Chandler Goule, NAWG
Chandler Goule has been named chief executive officer of the National Association of Wheat Growers, effective July 5.

WASHINGTON — Chandler Goule has been named chief executive officer of the National Association of Wheat Growers. Mr. Goule, currently senior vice-president of programs at the National Farmers Union, has 11 years of agriculture policy experience on the House side of Capitol Hill. He will assume the role of c.e.o. beginning July 5.

Mr. Goule will succeed Jim Palmer, who said last month he would step down to spend more time with family and on his Missouri farm.

“NAWG is very pleased to have Chandler on board,” said Gordon Stoner, president of the NAWG and a wheat grower from Outlook, Mont. “With our industry at a critical juncture, we know that with Chandler’s guidance, NAWG will be in a great position to advocate on behalf of all wheat farmers. We are delighted to have such a talented and experienced person lead our D.C. staff.”

In addition to his role as c.e.o. of the NAWG, Mr. Goule will serve as the executive director of the National Wheat Foundation.

“Wheat has many challenges ahead, and we know Chandler is up to meeting them all head-on,” said Phil McLain, chairman of the N.W.F. and a North Carolina wheat grower.

Mr. Goule was a subcommittee staff director for the House Agriculture Committee before joining the N.F.U. in 2009 as vice-president of government relations. He was named senior vice-president of N.F.U. programs in 2014. He received a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree from George Washington University.

“The U.S. wheat industry is poised to reach new heights in both production and quality,” Mr. Goule said. “I am thrilled and honored to have this opportunity to work alongside our national wheat grower leaders in positioning NAWG and N.W.F. as pre-eminent wheat advocacy and educational organizations as we begin to develop strategy for making wheat a major player in the drafting of the next farm bill.”