KANSAS CITY — Flatbreads are trending in new product launches, with manufacturers seeking to meet consumers demand for healthier options and bolder flavors.

For gluten-free consumers seeking a flatbread option, BFree Foods is introducing gluten-free pita bread. Baked in a traditional stone-fired oven, the pita bread is vegan, non-bioengineered, and free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. To make the bread, BFree derives protein and fiber from whole peas, apples and potatoes and uses a blend of buckwheat and corn flours to provide gluten-like pliability.

“We’re doing more than just making pita gluten-free,” said Nathan Fisher, vice-president of sales at BFree Foods. “We’re transcending trends to deliver real health and quality. Because of BFree’s top-notch nutrition, ‘authentic bread’ taste and durability, we truly stand out. BFree products appeal to a broad variety of health-conscious American consumers, including — but certainly not limited to — those with dietary restrictions.”

Rich Products Corp. is introducing three bake-at-home frozen Della Suprema Flatbread Pizzas in spicy chicken sausage, spinach and mushroom, and Tuscan chicken varieties.

American Flatbread is adding three new varieties to its wood-fired flatbread pizza line: Uncured pepperoni and uncured bacon; pulled pork, pineapple and jalapeño; and pulled pork and pineapple. The pizzas contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

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