Lantenmann USA bread
Lantmännen Unibake USA produces artisan, ciabatta and other specialty breads.

Going for four or more

While breakfast remains hot, Scott Kolinski, president of Lisle, Ill.-based Lantmännen Unibake USA, focused on targeting all three main eating occasions and everything in between. The company produces artisan, ciabatta and other specialty breads under the Euro-Bake brand and provides a variety of pre-proofed pastries from its European parent sold under the Schulstad name.

“As a supplier of imported pastry products to marry with our artisan breads, we see growth opportunities across all four day parts,” Mr. Kolinski said. “Yes — all four day parts. There is a growing snacking day part in the mid-afternoon where a nice pastry accompanies a great cup of coffee. As McDonald’s has proved, traditional foods are blurring from one day part to another. Customers are demanding breakfast items for lunch and dinner, and Europeans have been eating ‘lunch items’ for breakfast for years. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes commonplace here in the States.”

For lunch and dinner occasions, portion-sizing as well as providing a variety of flavors beyond the traditional offerings can turn into avenues for growth. Mr. Brimacombe said La Brea Bakery offers Telera sliders, flatbreads and naans for lunch and late-night snacking.

Telera sliders from La Brea Bakery
La Brea Bakery offers Telera sliders, flatbreads and naans for lunch and late-night snacking.

In general, smaller portion sizes — including breads and rolls — continue to be a trend in the in-store bakery category.

“It speaks to smaller-sized households, convenience and sustainability through the reduction of waste,” Mr. Essenfeld said. “Tribeca Oven works with retailers to examine product sizes and adjust for the needs of consumers.”

One example would be Tribeca Oven’s line of pull-apart dinner rolls.

“These smaller-sized portions come in a variety of flavors, which allow consumers to try something different for dinner without feeling like they are committing to an entire loaf of bread,” Mr. Essenfeld said.