Baking trends
Open-faced toast sandwiches, such as this grilled breakfast classic, are an emerging trend in the food service industry.

Becoming the toast of the town

Premium toast and open-face sandwiches are quickly becoming popular items on menus across the country. That’s why Lantmännen Unibake USA launched the Top Toast initiative for its Euro-Bake brand earlier this year.

“Top Toast is a program we developed to help operators leverage the profitable artisanal toast trend,” said Scott Rosenberg, director of marketing and customer service. “Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients paired with Euro-Bake’s top-quality breads create the perfect artisanal toast recipes for any operation.”

Recipes such as Brussels Sprouts Salad Grilled Toast use flavorful ingredients like smoky bacon, fried Brussels sprouts and zesty lemon atop new, thinly sliced, crusty sports bread that contains seeds, grains, whole wheat flour, honey and apple pieces.