Free2b Foods Sun Cups and chocolate bars
Mike Murray has been tapped to lead Free2b Foods, a maker of confections that are free from top food allergens.

BOULDER, COLO. — Michael Murray has been tapped to lead Free2b Foods L.L.C. as chief executive officer. Boulder-based Free2b makes chocolate products that are free from top food allergens.

Most recently, Mr. Murray was commercial director of the So Delicious Dairy Free business at WhiteWave Foods Co. From 2011 until 2015, he was vice-president of marketing and research and development at So Delicious Dairy Free. During that period, the brand’s annual revenues grew to $150 million from $50 million, and the business was sold to WhiteWave Foods. Prior to So Delicious Dairy Free, Mr. Murray spent more than 10 years at General Mills, Inc. as a senior brand manager with responsibilities for the company’s Larabar and Nature Valley brands.

“I’ve seen and realized firsthand the growth and value creation potential of the allergen-free and plant-based platforms in food and beverage,” Mr. Murray said. “Free2b has the right team, passion and capabilities to lead the way in indulgent snacking and beyond, helping people, animals and the planet in the process.”

Mr. Murray has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Management.

Free2b Foods first introduced Sun Cups in 2008 as an allergen-friendly alternative to peanut butter cups. Featuring a sunflower seed butter filling, varieties include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint and caramel. The brand also offers a range of chocolate bars. Free2b operates a dedicated facility that is free from seven of the top eight food allergens and is committed to becoming a top eight allergen-free food company by the end of the year with the elimination of dairy ingredients.

“Researchers estimate that nearly 40 million people, or 13% of the U.S. population, are affected by food allergies,” said Christy Orris, chairman of the board for Free2b Foods. “Free2b Foods is becoming a leader in this space, so it was imperative that we bring on a c.e.o. who shares our passion, understanding and enthusiasm for making a difference for these families.”