New vs old nutrition facts panel
Manufacturers have three years to comply with the new Nutrition Facts Panel.

WASHINGTON — For the first time in more than 20 years, the Nutrition Facts Panel was given a new look in May. This latest update joins a long line of other regulatory and labeling upheavals for the U.S. food industry: G.M.O. disclosure, health claims, natural claims, vending labeling and more. In an effort to help food manufacturers navigate changing requirements, SNAC International is offering Label-Con Workshop, Nov. 17-18 at the Sheraton Baltimore Washington Airport.

Tom Dempsey, SNAC International
Tom Dempsey, president and c.e.o. of SNAC International.

“No matter what type of food you produce, the numerous upcoming labeling requirements have created a high pressure regulatory environment that the entire food industry must move quickly to comply with,” said Tom Dempsey, president and chief executive officer, SNAC International.

For the Nutrition Facts Panel, manufacturers have three years to comply. This workshop aims to help answer regulatory personnel, technical staff, labeling compliance staff, marketing personnel and purchasing departments of food manufacturers understand what they need to do to comply in a timely fashion.

“It is absolutely essential that you start planning now to ensure you meet compliance deadlines,” Mr. Dempsey said. “Expert speakers and legal counsel from the F.D.A., U.S.D.A, and other industry leaders at the 2016 Label-Con Workshop will help you navigate the many labeling challenges your company is facing over the next three years.” 

Topics covered will include F.D.A. labeling, U.S.D.A. labeling, animal husbandry labeling, G.M.O. labeling, quality and expiration dates, and communicating to consumers. The workshop is free to current SNAC International members, and $895 for non-members. The deadline for registration is Sept. 23. For more information, visit