Wheaties Michael Phelps Lifetime Achievement box
Michael Phelps will adorn a Wheaties cereal box for the third time.

MINNEAPOLIS — U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will adorn a Wheaties cereal box for the third time, Wheaties maker General Mills, Inc. announced Aug. 29. General Mills also is recognizing Mr. Phelps by making him the first Lifetime Achievement honoree in the brand’s 94-year history.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics Mr. Phelps won five gold medals, giving him a record of 23 in his career.

“It was special to watch someone who had experienced so much over the last four years come out of retirement and accomplish something so incredible,” said Dana McNabb, vice-president of marketing for Wheaties. “Michael proved that resilience, discipline and performance pay off and we are honored to feature him for the third time, and for a Wheaties Lifetime Achievement box.”

Wheaties first put Mr. Phelps on its box in 2004, after he won six gold and two bronze medals. In 2012, he was back on the Wheaties box after reaching the mark of 22 career medals.

Mr. Phelps began swimming in world competitions for the U.S. team in 2000, at age 15. Now 31, Mr. Phelps said at the conclusion of the Olympics that he is officially retired. If so, he finished his career with an overall medal count of 28, also a record.