Michael Foods cage-free eggs, Post Holdings
Post Holdings plans to convert its Michael Foods egg layer farm in Bloomfield, Neb., to a cage-free operation.

ST. LOUIS — Post Holdings, Inc. announced it is converting its Michael Foods egg layer farm located in Bloomfield, Neb., to a cage-free operation. The move reflects increasing consumer demand for cage-free eggs, the company said.

The project, which is expected to occur from spring 2017 through 2020, calls for replacing the existing 32 layer barns at the farm with 12 cage-free houses. The new layer houses will feature the latest technology in ventilation, lighting and manure-handling equipment, combined with modern housing systems that give layer hens more space and allow them to engage in natural bird behaviors, Post said.

Jim Dwyer, Michael Foods, Post Holdings
Jim Dwyer, president and c.e.o. of Michael Foods Group

“Our Bloomfield investment is the next step in our evolution as the country’s largest value-added provider of egg products,” said Jim Dwyer, president and chief executive officer of Michael Foods Group. “Cage-free eggs are the future of the egg industry, and we continue to work actively with our customers to ensure that we can meet their demand for cage-free products by converting existing farms and investing in new facilities through our dedicated third party partners.”

Michael Foods is a division of Post Holdings, Inc., and also is a founding member of the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply (CSES), an alliance of egg farmers, retailers, food service operators, food manufacturers and academics.