IBIE 2016 Topos Mondial Corp.
Topos Mondial Corp.'s Open Frame Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer

LAS VEGAS — For decades, companies have unveiled new technologies, products and services at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) that not only offer solutions but also define the future of baking.

A leading reason people attend a trade show is because they want to see the latest advances in their industry. The premier Innovation Showcase in 2013 was one of IBIE’s most popular attractions, and the feature is back this year, presenting even more cutting edge developments. The Innovation Showcase will highlight innovations that have hit the market during the past three years. Each showcase entry is a product or service that has not been exhibited at a previous IBIE, making it a “must see” event for anyone walking the show floor.

This year, IBIE 2016 will take place Oct. 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

New in 2016 is the opportunity for show-goers to learn more about each innovation during an interactive 15-minute presentation in the Idea LAB on the show floor. Michael Cornelis, IBIE chairman and vice-president, international sales, American Pan, a Bundy Baking Solution, explained that the strategic plan for IBIE 2016 heavily focused on the Innovation Showcase and how to make it easier for attendees to see what’s new at the show.

“Innovation has always been our main focus at IBIE,” Mr. Cornelis said. “It’s the No. 1 reason that people attend, and it’s why exhibitors often plan their new product cycle around the show.”

IBIE 2016 Corbion Caravan
Corbion Caravan's Ensemble, Non-pho Emulsifiers

Exhibitors in 2013 received tremendous value from the showcase, he added, not only by being featured in the Hall of Innovation at the entryway to the show floor but also with recognition in the Official Show Directory, the 2013 IBIE Special Edition & Show Preview, e-mail newsletters and features on the IBIE web site and mobile app. All those elements, Mr. Cornelis said, drove significant traffic to those exhibitors’ booths.

“For attendees, it gives them an opportunity to see some of the latest advances in one place, rather than having to search them out on the show floor,” Mr. Cornelis said. “Before they even walk into the exhibit hall, they can stop by the showcase, see what’s new and write down the booths they want to visit.”

Well worth the investment

Formost Fuji was one of first 48 companies to participate in the 2013 debut of the Innovation Showcase with a new horizontal wrapper. Dennis Gunnell, vice-president of sales and marketing, was more than happy to invest in the opportunity.

“To me, it was a no-brainer,” Mr. Gunnell said. “It really hits home as to why you go to a trade show, so we jumped on board right from the very beginning.”

IBIE 2016 Buhler
Buhler Inc.'s JetMix-Automatic Pre-dough & Fermentation System

Formost Fuji plans to announce another product via this year’s showcase, which has expanded to 56 entries, according to its organizer, Sosland Publishing Co.

With the help of the showcase, Mr. Gunnell said, Formost Fuji was able to reach a targeted audience in a way not previously available at IBIE. He explained how the added presence of the display in the halls’ entryway, along with other targeted steps will help his company stand out even given the daunting size of the show, which features 800 exhibitors on 700,000 square feet of floor space, and reach attendees with a clear, concise and easy-to-see message.

Mr. Gunnell said people directed to his booth by the Innovation Showcase came with a purpose.

“They’re there because they already have the need and they’re already interested at that point,” he said.

More to see in 2016

In 2016, show-goers can expect to see the latest in wholesale and retail advances, including ovens, griddle systems, bakery pouches and snack containers, mixers, packaging equipment, heat management solutions, consulting services, ingredients and more.

IBIE 2016 Formost Fuji Corp.
Formost Fuji Corp.'s Formost Bun System

Related presentations at the Idea LAB (booth No. 7720 in the Central Hall) also will offer a more engaging experience for show-goers, Mr. Cornelis said. The presentations, which include a Q&A session, will highlight how the innovating company created a solution to an industry challenge. Presentations will allow companies to dive deeper into their new technology, product or service by providing context and an opportunity to create dialogue with attendees.

“Attendees no longer want to be passive participants, simply walking up and down aisles; they want organizers to curate experiences that facilitate networking, hands-on learning, inspiration and entertainment,” Mr. Cornelis said. “We’re continuing to add and improve upon that every year. The Innovation Showcase is part of that strategic initiative along with several other show features we’re bringing to the table in 2016.”