Denisse Colindres, Beneo
Denisse Colindres has been appointed manager of nutrition communication for Beneo's North American region.

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. — Denisse Colindres has joined Beneo Inc. as manager of nutrition communication for the North American region. In her role, Ms. Colindres will communicate the nutrition research that substantiates the health benefits of Beneo’s functional ingredients from natural sources.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Denisse to the NAFTA team,” said Jon Peters, president of Beneo Inc. “As a recognized expert in nutritional science and communication, she will provide in-depth knowledge to our customers and health professionals with a focus on the needs of the consumer.” 

In addition to her new position, Ms. Colindres is a member of the Beneo-Institute, which provides research and knowledge in nutrition science and legislation related to Beneo’s chicory root fibers and functional carbohydrates. The institute was founded by experts of biochemistry, chemistry nutritional science and regulatory.

Prior to joining Beneo, she worked for several years in the food industry as an expert in nutrition. She graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans with a degree in biological sciences and pursued a master’s degree in human nutrition and health at the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands. She also received a diploma in management from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.