Lotus Speculoos cookies
The United States is now the largest market for Lotus Biscoff cookies.

EMBEKE, BELGIUM, and SAN FRANCISCO — Lotus Bakeries plans to build a facility in the United States that will manufacture the company’s Lotus Biscoff flavored caramelized cookies. Executives from the Belgian company are considering Mebane, N.C., for the plant’s location and talking to local authorities there about the investment.

Lotus Bakeries has a North American office in San Francisco. The United States is now the largest market for Lotus Biscoff cookies, with an expected annual volume of nearly 1 million biscuits, Lotus Bakeries said when giving its half-year results in August.

The construction of a U.S. facility would start in the first half of 2017, and it would become operational in 2019.

"Having a Lotus Biscoff plant in the United States is a milestone for our company,” said Jan Boone, chief executive officer of Lotus Bakeries. “For the first time since our foundation in 1932, Lotus Biscoff will be produced outside of Lembeke, Belgium. Lotus Bakeries and all its employees are extremely proud of this expansion in the world’s largest consumer market.”

Lotus Bakeries also has decided to build another production facility in Belgium to support the sales growth for Lotus Biscoff cookies, which have been baked only in Lembeke for the past 84 years.