Watson icing stabilizers, donuts
The Ultra Set products prevent icing from sticking, extend shelf life, and prevents cracking and weeping of the icing.

WEST HAVEN, CONN. — Watson Inc. will launch Ultra-Set, a new line of icing stabilizers, at the International Baking Industry Exposition Oct. 8-11 in Las Vegas. The stabilizers are concentrated and formulated without extra sugars.

When used in packaged sweet goods applications, Ultra-Set stabilizers prevent icing from sticking to the packaging, extend shelf life in both wrapped and unwrapped products, help speed drying of the icing, prevent cracking and weeping of the icing, and help control moisture migration.

The Ultra-Set stabilizers are formulated for a variety of icing applications.

Ultra-Set Clear, a free-flowing powder, is designed to produce transparent icing and glazes, and it is recommended for colored and flavored icings. Potential applications include transparent Danish icings, cake donuts and yeast-raised donut glazes.

Ultra-Set White, a free-flowing powder, is designed to produce white, opaque icing and glazes and may be used in such applications as sweet roll, Danish and white donut icings.

Ultra-Set All Purpose produces semi-transparent icings and glazes. Its versatility allows Ultra-Set All Purpose to be used in many applications, including sweet roll and Danish icings as well as chocolate, white or maple donut icings and glazes.

Ultra-Set Super Concentrate, a free-flowing powder, stabilizes the appearance of icings and glazes. It may be used in highly automated wholesale bakeries.