Progress in production

“There have been many changes in production, too,” Mr. Merzah said. The past decade saw Masada nearly double in physical size; its production floor now covers 82,000 square feet. Output capacity more than doubled and continues to grow. The bakery operates six days a week and supports a staff of 250 employees.

The bakery’s output fills two tunnel ovens, one AMF and the other Alit, which can be used interchangeably, plus nine Revent rack ovens for shorter-run items. Shipping takes place a few miles away in a separate 50,000-square-foot distribution facility equipped with a sophisticated, ­paperless, pick-to-light order management system from ToolBox.

Six production lines fill the bakery. The latest, a Gemini/KB Systems high-speed, automatic bun makeup system, doubled Masada’s capacity for hoagies and sandwich rolls.

A decade of change has seen the bakery add mixers, upgrade and rebuild makeup and packaging equipment and install in-line pan cleaners. It built a new scaling room to improve accuracy and added a new catalytic oxidizer unit to manage VOC emissions.

“Energy consumption is a key component that we consider as part of all our projects,” Koby Stein said. One example is Masada’s new tray washer that can use cold-water wash temperatures to eliminate the need for heating large amounts of water.

Masada has upgraded its computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage maintenance. “TBC brought in processing disciplines and implemented measured performance,” Mr. Murray said. For example, a key part of CMMS is readily visible to all: Every machine is labeled in English and Spanish and given a unique number. This aids in preventive maintenance (PM) and lock-out, tag-out procedures. Maintenance Manager Oscar Morales described the program’s results, noting it assists his staff to do their work in a professional way.

The bakery operates at SQF Level No. 3, the highest standard currently available. “The vast majority of our customers demand GFSI certification, and we have been meeting those needs for many years,” said Peggy Golden, quality manager. “The team here is sharp and dedicated to the highest quality standards.”

She described how TBC applied mentorship to bringing up quality levels. Todd Bruinsma, TBC’s vice-­president of quality, works with Ms. Golden and her team to make sure every associate understands quality is their responsibility. “We work hard to motivate and empower everyone,” she added.

Ms. Bouysou noted that the upgraded bakery orientation systems include extensive training in GMPs and HACCP, and personnel safety programs followed by ongoing refresher sessions.

“Safety is the highest priority here,” said Sheronda Terrell, safety manager, Masada Bakery.