Canada crop production
Canadian production of selected crops, in million tonnes

OTTAWA – Total 2016 wheat production in Canada was estimated at 31.7 million tonnes, up 15% from 27.6 million tonnes in 2015 and the second time production has exceeded 30 million tonnes in the past five years, Statistics Canada said in its November crop production report released Dec. 6.

The average all wheat yield was 53.2 bus an acre, up 24% from 2015, which more than offset a 7% decline in harvested area at 21.9 million acres, which was the lowest in five years.

Durum production was estimated at 7.8 million tonnes, up 44% from 2015. Spring wheat other than durum was estimated at 20.4 million tonnes, up 3%, and winter wheat was estimated at 3.5 million tonnes, up 57%.

Trade sources have reported increased incidence of vomitoxin in the wheat crop in some areas, which may limit the supply of quality wheat for milling, but there is not expected to be a shortage since the crop is so large overall.

Canada crop production
Canadian production of selected crops, in million tonnes

Canola production was estimated at 18.4 million tonnes, up slightly from 2015, as a record average yield of 42.3 bus an acre more than offset a 7% decline in harvest area at 19.2 million acres.

Soybean production in 2016 was estimated at 6.5 million tonnes, up 1% from 2015 and record high for the eighth consecutive year, Statistics Canada said.

Production of corn for grain was estimated at 13.2 million tonnes, down 3% from 2015. Barley was estimated at 8.8 million tonnes, up 7%; oats were estimated at 3.1 million tonnes, down 8%; and fall rye was estimated at 409,000 tonnes, up 81%.

Flaxseed outturn was estimated at 579,000 tonnes, down 39% from 2015. Dry field peas were estimated at 4.8 million tonnes, up 51%, and lentils were estimated at 3.2 million tonnes, up 28%.

Statistics Canada noted significant snow in early October delayed grain harvest in some parts of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and that combining was not completed when the crop survey was conducted from Oct. 21 to Nov. 13.

This was the final estimate of Canadian 2016 crop production, although numbers are subject to revision for two years, Statistics Canada said.