Thermatec oven ceiling, Reading Bakery Systems
The Thermatec high radiant ceiling may save on costs and maintenance.

ROBESONIA, PA. — Reading Bakery Systems now offers the Thomas L. Green prism oven with a Thermatec high radiant ceiling, which is a new technology that offers comparable performance to traditional fire brick oven ceilings, according to Robesonia-based Reading Bakery Systems.

The Thermatec ceiling is less expensive than a fire brick oven ceiling and does not need the maintenance that fire bricks require, according to R.B.S. The Thermatec ceiling uses specially treated, anti-corrosive steel backed by a high-density insulating board to replicate the thermal emissivity and storage of fire bricks.

A higher radiant component in the baking process has been shown to assist with heat transfer and color development, particularly with products requiring high firepower such as saltine and snack crackers, water crackers, lavosh and matzoh products.

“Food manufacturers today increasingly are under pressure to increase efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability,” said Joe Zaleski, president of R.B.S. “This means looking to alternative technologies that can decrease oven heat-up and changeover times, lower oven maintenance costs and reduce risks of product contamination. Extensive pilot and field testing confirm this technology makes Thermatec high radiant ceiling an excellent alternative to classic brick fired ovens.”