Hydro 265 sports nutrition
Hydro.365 uses a hydrolyzed whey protein ingredient to ensure rapid delivery of amino acids to the muscles to speed recovery.


Improving protein absorption

Arla Foods Ingredients, which has a U.S. office in Basking Ridge, N.J., has introduced a new line of whey hydrolysates that are set to take the proteins into the mainstream sports nutrition market, the company said. Whey hydrolysates are proteins that have been finely reduced so they are absorbed more quickly by the body. The step ensures they work faster on helping the muscles recover after exercise.

This is not the ingredient company’s first foray into sports nutrition. Arla launched Lacprodan Hydro.365 into the sports nutrition category in 2012. The hydrolyzed whey protein ingredient ensures rapid delivery of amino acids to the muscles to reduce recovery times from days to hours. That ingredient is positioned to appeal to such core sports nutrition users as elite athletes and bodybuilders.

Now Arla has developed a portfolio of mildly hydrolyzed whey protein ingredients that are focused on delivering the benefits of hydrolysates to more consumers. The products in the range offer the performance and recovery benefits of hydrolysates in a cost-effective format that delivers greater application flexibility, convenience and an improved flavor profile, the company said.

“With these next-generation whey protein hydrolysates, it is now much easier for companies to create sports nutrition products that are highly effective, convenient to consume, competitively priced and that taste good,” said Peter Schouw Anderson, head of science and sales development for Arla. “More and more active consumers are discovering the benefits of using sports nutrition products to help them optimize their workout programs. This means the category is quickly becoming mainstream. Our new range of whey protein hydrolysates offers a straightforward way for brands to create differentiated products that deliver the benefits these consumers want.”

Targeting casual users of sports nutrition, the products in the new range include: Lacprodan Hydro.clear, a mildly hydrolyzed, acidified whey protein developed for clear beverages; Lacprodan Hydro.milk, which is designed for producing 100% whey-based milky, high protein drinks; Lacprodan Hydro.gel for use in protein gels; and Lacprodan Hydro.power, a hydrolyzed whey protein for use in powder shake applications.