Lee Chae, Hampton Creek
Lee Chae, Ph.D., vice-president of research and development for Hampton Creek, said the company plans to launch Just Scramble patties later this year.

Just Scramble just about here

Hampton Creek, Inc., maker of Just Mayo, plans to launch Just Scramble later this year, said Lee Chae, Ph.D., vice-president of research and development.

The pre-cooked patty may be heated for use in breakfast sandwiches, he said. Hampton Creek initially will target Just Scramble to food service outlets such as corporate cafeterias, universities and schools, and health care sites.

While Hampton Creek uses yellow peas in lieu of eggs in Just Mayo and sorghum instead of eggs in its Just Cookie Dough, the company has not yet named what source it will use in Just Scramble. Dr. Chae said it is an “under-appreciated crop” with a better sustainability profile. The ingredient has a gelling property similar to that of an egg.

The Just Scramble patty will come in three varieties: regular, a Southwestern flavor profile and a flavor profile with spinach and mushroom.

San Francisco-based Hampton Creek launched as a business in 2011. The company has said its Just Mayo, because it lacks eggs, offers certain benefits over mayonnaise brands. The ingredients in Just Mayo require less water and produce fewer carbon emissions, according to Hampton Creek, and Just Mayo has no cholesterol and less saturated fat.

Plant-based protein has become more popular since 2011. The number of new product launches with “plant-based” claims in the United States reached 320 in 2016, up from 94 in 2012, according to Innova Market Insights.

“We are fortunate we got into it early and developed capabilities to make these discoveries ahead of the game a little bit,” Dr. Chae said.