Josh Evans. AB Biotek, AB Mauri
John Evans is vice-president of yeast innovation for AB Biotek North America.

ST. LOUIS — AB Mauri, a global leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products, has launched a new business division that will offer capabilities across a range of industries, including biofuel, alcohol beverage, and both animal and human nutrition. Called AB Biotek, the new division will specialize in fermentation science and yeast innovation and develop specialty yeast systems. It will operate in North America and globally.

“AB Biotek represents a new frontier for us,” said John Evans, vice-president of yeast innovation for AB Biotek North America. “We are excited about the future of yeast innovation and look forward to developing and delivering our world-class fermentation solutions to a variety of fields here in the U.S. and Canada.”

Premium yeast coupled with technical service will help AB Biotek address a range of biofuel industry issues. A selection of yeast systems for the distilling, wine-making and cider-making industries will help meet such objectives as enhancing flavor and mouthfeel and converting sugar more efficiently. AB Biotek’s portfolio also includes human and animal nutrition and supplementation yeast products.

AB Mauri has a 150-year tradition in fermentation that backs the new division. AB Mauri’s 51 plants, its presence in 33 countries and sales in more than 90 countries also supports AB Biotek. The AB Biotek North America region headquarters in St. Louis features a research and development laboratory that provides yeast and fermentation diagnostics.

“AB Mauri has a long history of providing leading-edge products to industrial customers outside of the bakery markets in other parts of the world,” said Greg Strauss, senior vice-president for AB Biotek North America. “Now, with AB Biotek, we have a dedicated team focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions, coupled with superior technical collaboration with companies in the biofuel, alcohol beverage and nutrition industries.”