Mulino Bianco breadsticks
New Mulino Bianco oven-baked Italian breadsticks include Tomato Sfilati and Olive Sfilati.

NORTHBROOK, ILL. — Barilla S.p.A. is bringing three new Italian bakery products to the United States under the Mulino Bianco brand, including two varieties of breadsticks and a sandwich cookie.

The oven-baked Italian breadsticks include Tomato Sfilati, which is made with tomato and oregano, and Olive Sfilati, which is made with green and black olives. Along with the new breadsticks, Mulino Bianco is adding Ringo, a vanilla crème sandwich cookie, to its assortment of Italian cookies.

The new products will join Mulino Bianco’s portfolio of baked foods that also includes Cuoricini, Baiocchi, Pan di Stelle and Galletti cookie varieties. The products are available for purchase nationally in the United States or on Amazon.

“We are excited to not only be introducing the new Mulino Bianco products to the U.S. market, but even more excited to be bringing along the Italian culture that is associated with it,” said Kit Burton, brand manager, bakery, for Barilla Americas.