Modern palletizers can run a variety of speeds depending on the product or packaging.
Modern palletizers can run a variety of speeds depending on the product or packaging.

KANSAS CITY — If time is money, many manufacturers in the baking and snack industries are banking on saving time to become more profitable. Higher speeds across the production process, from frying or baking to packaging and palletizing, result in greater throughputs and more productivity.

At the same time, anything that impedes speed, including unexpected bottlenecks, can impact efficiency. To prevent slowdowns and turn out better numbers on the packaging end of the business, machinery features and designs can make a difference.

Advancing technologies, combined with a range of new products and packaging formats, are generally leading to a pick-up-the-pace mindset.

“There are many packaging systems on the market today that are capable of high-speed operation, from systems that have independent machines for all functions, like case/tray erecting, packing, sealing and palletizing, to all-in-one systems,” said Bryan Sinicrope, vice-president, sales and marketing, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

Innovations in robotics are also spurring speed.

“The industry is really pushing manufacturers to make the most out of robotic technology in the areas of speed, waste and sanitation,” said Joel Wiskochil, northeast regional sales manager for BluePrint Automation (BPA).

Food manufacturers looking at packaging speeds to bolster their overall production numbers are fueling the popularity of robotics and all-in-one systems, among other improvements. Higher capacity ovens, for example, require faster, more nimble packaging systems to keep pace with the baking process.