Corbion SweetPro
SweetPro V100 from Corbion enhances aeration and emulsion stability, and it improves moisture retention.

LENEXA, KAS. — SweetPro V100, a new emulsifier, provides market-building consistency along with better performance and easier handling in sweet goods and snack cakes, according to Corbion.

Jim Roberston, Corbion
Jim Robertson, global product manager of emulsifiers for Corbion

“Our customers want to be confident in the quality of their products, year round,” said Jim Robertson, global product manager, emulsifiers. “Cakes, muffins and cupcakes made with SweetPro V100 are consistently light and airy. Even reduced-fat items maintain the taste and texture today's consumers expect.”

 In addition, Mr. Robertson said SweetPro V100 has demonstrated its ability to enhance aeration and emulsion stability and improve moisture retention. Drop-in functionality provides another benefit and minimizes operational challenges.

“SweetPro V100 makes the products more tolerant,” Mr. Robertson said. “They can handle more variables without causing waste or hassle. That’s a real advantage for customers looking to enhance their products with minimal operational challenges.”

SweetPro V100 will appear on the ingredient list of products as propylene glycol esters of fatty acid, mono and diglycerides, and 2% or less of each of the following: soy lecithin, citric acid.