Oakes mixer
These mixers come with an optional dual-purpose pump that meters batter during production and provides clean-in-place during sanitation.

Keeping things clean can be a challenge for any baker. With formulations that call for dairy products, allergenic ingredients or even high amounts of sugar, sanitation becomes even more pressing under the Food Safety Modernization Act. Such manufacturers need mixers that can be cleaned simply and effectively. What’s easier than an automated, clean-in-place (CIP) option?

Tonelli Group, for example, offers an 800-liter, 1,500–lb batch planetary cake mixer with a new high-pressure CIP washing system that streamlines the sanitation process, said Kevin Wilkinson, North American sales, Tonelli Group.

E.T. Oakes now provides an optional dual-purpose pump to lighten the load of the sanitation department.

“By dual use, it’s a regular metering pump for moving the batter through the mixing head, but now the same system can be used as a CIP pump,” observed Bob Peck, vice-president of engineering, E.T. Oakes. “In the past, you needed a separate centrifugal pump for cleaning in addition to a positive displacement pump.”

For bread and roll production, Koenig Bakery Systems recently received several awards for its sanitary-designed, wash-down mixer. In 2015, the company launched the Twin Twist Mixer DW 240-H, with the “H” signifying “hygienic design.” This mixer can be entirely cleaned using low-pressure water, said Rich Breeswine, president and chief executive officer of Koenig Bakery Systems. That’s because the machine frame and head are completely sealed and welded. The stainless-steel mixer also contains easily removable covers for accessible cleaning and maintenance.

The mixer may be used to make high-absorption doughs with up to 80% hydration, Mr. Breeswine added.