Transforming the future

About every 30 minutes, the quality assurance department receives samples to test for titration, moisture, seasoning, texture and taste. Because the snacks are so light, a typical sample includes 30 pieces to ensure the proper average weight of the products.

During the past year, the story around Our Little Rebellion has been about not only brand change but also refreshing its packaging image.

“We want the packaging to speak better to consumers, especially to younger consumers such as millennials and those who have health issues like gluten-intolerance or allergies,” Mr. Morgan said. “As we went through the switch to non-G.M.O. and changed all our ingredients, our packaging shifted to communicate that message.”

The packages come in single-serve packs in caddies or cartons, 24-oz pillowpacks for club stores and various shipping displays.

Today, Our Little Rebellion and the co-manufactured snacks produced at Ideal Snacks can be not only found in the snack aisle but also merchandised in the natural foods section or in delis.

Let there be no doubt, the rebellion to transform healthy snacking has just begun.

“We’re going to move in a fast and entrepreneurial way to make sure the company grows to take on a greater share of the market,” Mr. Nardone said.