Better-for-you snacks are growing at a faster rate than the rest of the snack category.
Overall, better-for-you snacks continue to grow at a faster rate than the category as a whole. According to SPINS data supplied by BFY Brands, dollar sales for natural, organic and specialty chips, pretzels and snacks rose 6.3% compared with 1.5% for conventional snacks for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 28, 2016. “Granted, natural and organic make up only 11% of the overall snack category, but they’re contributing about 31% of the industry’s growth,” noted Gunther Brinkman, vice-­president, contract manufacturing.

Looking to subcategories, SPINS showed sales of organic snacks jumped 18%, gluten-free up 10% and non-GMO increased at an 8.7% clip. “We’re seeing activity not only in nutritionally better-for-you snacks but also in what we call ‘ethical better for you’ products, such as non-GMO and organic, especially among millennials,” Mr. Brinkman said. “These consumers want to know not only what they are eating but also how it’s made and sourced.”

To ensure its branded products are Non-GMO Project verified, the company purchases non-bioengineered corn from 59 Nebraskan farmers and encourages its consumers to “join the corn revolution.”