Peeps Oreos
Mondelez's limited-edition Peeps Oreo cookie variety sold $6 million in 16 weeks.

Seizing seasonal opportunities

Seasonal and limited-edition launches have become popular in new product development for many well-known brands. Mondelez International recently saw success with a limited-edition Peeps Oreo cookie variety, which sold $6 million in 16 weeks, according to Mintel.

“It’s going to keep consumers coming back to the product and … is another way of engaging with the consumer,” Ms. Jago said. “It’s a safe way of testing a new flavor … particularly when you have a combination of a familiar flavor with a less familiar flavor because it’s a very low-risk way of testing that out.”

Foji berry and acai berry flavored products
Several companies have introduced goji berry and acai berry flavored products.

Limited-edition product development also allows brands to engage in flavor trends.

“We lost count on the number of products we’ve seen over the last few years with goji berry flavor or acai berry flavor variety … lots of on-trend ingredients get used in this way because it’s relatively safe and it’s a bit more exciting to the consumer because it seems fresh and new,” Mr. Jago said. “You can also use it to capitalize on the seasonality of ingredients like pumpkin spice.”