In 2015, Anuga attracted 160,000 visitors and that number is expected to grow in 2017.

In response to global growth in out-of-home eating for retail and food service, Anuga has created a creative culinary program where bakers, culinary professionals and retail operators will share ideas for the development of products that appeal to today’s foodies who crave flavor, adventure and convenience.

Anuga, the international tradeshow for the retail trade, food service and catering markets, will take place at the Keolnmesse in Cologne, Germany, Oct. 7-11. This biennial event is a central business and communications platform for all players involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sale of food and beverages. Not only is it where new products complement current trends, but it’s also where bakers from around the world gain inspiration to innovate. The tradeshow unites equipment, technology and culinary arts.

The new program will also include the Anuga Culinary Stage, featuring renowned chefs sharing cooking skills and gastronomy concepts. Top-class finalists will compete here for awards like “Patisserie of the Year.” Throughout the hall, solutions will be presented to address the global trend towards clean, simple foods.

“Consumers are demanding more than speed and convenience from their fast-dining operations, including retail, food service and meal solutions centers,” said Mette Petersen, president and managing director of Koelnmesse Inc., which stages approximately 80 international tradeshows. “They also want greater transparency with sourcing and traceability of ingredients.”

Essentially 10 trade shows under one roof, Anuga divides its layout into themed areas for easy focus. In addition to Culinary Concepts, other halls include Bread & Bakery, Chilled & Fresh Food, Dairy, Drinks, Fine Food, Frozen Food, Meat, Hot Beverages and Organic.

In 2015 Anuga attracted nearly 160,000 trade visitors from 192 countries. Event organizers anticipate breaking this record, as Cologne continues to attract buyers and sellers from all countries around the world.

This year, organic is expected to be a dominant theme throughout the exposition, complementing the global trend toward clean eating and sustainable food growing and manufacturing practices. With this in mind, Anuga expects the Organic hall to see record-breaking exhibitors.

The vegetarian trend will ride the coattails of organic. This platform revolves around consumers’ growing interest in plant-based diets, with vegetarian innovations evolving into more of flexitarian foods rather than vegan products void of all things animal.

“We expect to see more exhibitors showcasing innovative plant-based foods, including dairy and meat analogs, prepared meals and even fine foods enhanced with plant proteins to support consumers’ growing interest in protein sources beyond meat and dairy,” Ms. Petersen said. “Plant proteins will be showcased in bakery and snack foods, positioning them as vegan protein options for today’s on-the-go consumer.”

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