Alligning social media and digital content across all platforms creates a consistency and familiarity with the brand.
Be strategic

Social media won’t work optimally without a clear strategy. Ultimately, success will hinge on making it part of a more comprehensive marketing program. Social media is not replacing digital media; the two are joining forces.

Marry the two. Insist that they dance together.

Let social media like Instagram make some noise, grab attention, raise awareness and make initial connections with your audience. Position digital platforms like your web site as the company’s all-important hub.

If your social media is going to grab attention and open doors, then make sure your web site really is ready to engage visitors and keep them around. Examine the content you are sharing on-line in both arenas so that the visitor experiences a totally smooth transition.

One venue has to support the other.

Talking up your company on LinkedIn and sending people to your web site only works with a cohesive plan that effectively uses pictures and wording to communicate with visitors. Carefully choreograph each step from social to digital.

One of the best ways to succeed is to align your ideas for content with a calendar. Be forward thinking and precise. Plan your posts like a scheduled publication. Act like the program director of a daily news show. Build an editorial calendar that keeps you a step ahead of your audience. Give yourself time to create content that will truly stand out.

That doesn’t mean all your social media is pre­scheduled, but you can prepare content for future important moments. For example, you typically know weeks ahead of time that you are going to a tradeshow. Plan your social media for that event. Make a list of pictures to post so you remember to actually take them and post them when you are busy and on the road. Pre-schedule tweets to remind show participants to visit your booth. Announce the drawing for a gift card that can be won by those who stop by your booth. Share pictures in real time from the floor via your smart phone. Schedule interviews with some of your colleagues on Facebook Live. Post a cell phone video that shares the excitement for those who can’t be there.

An editorial calendar that marries social media and digital content gets everyone on the same page with promotions company-wide. Intentional content establishes the internal protocol needed to break down departmental silos and ensures your company’s different voices are heard. Your best success stories and finest customer testimonials are typically discovered in the trenches.

Be inclusive, get visual

Consider the many ways you can help your audience understand what you do through social media posts.

According to “The Workforce Gap in U.S. Commercial Baking: Trends, Challenges & Solutions” report commissioned last year by the American Society of Baking and the American Bakers Association, the wholesale baking industry faces a severe shortage of skilled employees. That means industry information that was once considered basic knowledge is changing. Be mindful of industry jargon and abbreviations that can cause confusion in social media posts. Across the baking world, now is a good time to check if the old jargon you routinely use remains relatable to the majority of your targets.

Social media can help educate buyers about your services simply and visually.

Share company achievements on social media in clear and informative posts. Introduce your products, services and staff through casual snapshots and carefully planned photo shoots. When visiting clients or giving presentations, take photos to document the moment.

Infographics can also help tell stories. These easy illustrations allow audiences to consume big bites of information in just one glance — perfect for social media. SlideShare presentations on LinkedIn are wonderful tools to answer questions and help multiple decision-makers understand the expert solutions that you can provide. Use them and continue to promote them with other social media posts that help people find them again and again.