The ubiquity of smart phone use allows companies to reach people wherever they are.
Think mobile

The smart phone in the palm of your hand has more power than the local TV station had in its newsroom. Imagine the truth in that. Realize that accessing social media platforms on mobile devices is an exciting opportunity for any company.

However, once again, your social media outreach should match your digital media capacity. Make sure the company web site can be accessed and used on mobile devices. If a web site is not mobile-friendly, it will reflect poorly on the brand.

Do something now

Think about strategic goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Great marketing tools are meant to be used to speed up your sales cycle.

So, ask yourself: Who are you really targeting with your social media? What do you really want to have happen?

For most B2Bs, a huge share of your target market is likely found on LinkedIn. It serves as a giant 24-hour networking event, and your profile acts as your virtual business card. Go there. See people. Be seen by people. Post comments. Like and share content.

Remember, not every social media platform is right for your business. Know who you want to reach. Go where your target market is.

With a strong plan in place, some creative ideas identified and the right team ready, you can make a lasting difference for yourself, your company and the people you serve.